Take my Intro to Novel Writing course at University of Toronto

Starting on May 7th, I’ll be teaching an Introduction to Novel Writing course at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies, where they’ve developed quite a program over the years. I know a number of great writers who have taught some course or another there, and I’ve now been added to their roster of instructors, so that is pretty alright.

I actually did my undergrad at U of T, starting right before the turn of the century (actual), but I never figured I’d be teaching at some part of it years later. During my writing career though, I’ve had some very rewarding experiences mentoring emerging writers, speaking at universities to their creative writing students, and being on many panels and at a bunch of festivals where trying to give advice and guidance to emerging writers has been a highlight.

So, if this all appeals to you, or anyone you know, who is within travellin’ range of Toronto, please check out this link for the course, which is now up with my bio and such. There are only three sections this spring/summer, so get enrolled quick in case my section (165) fills up.

For more information on the School of Continuing Studies, and their formidable creative writing wing, you can click on this line and find the overall site with all of their course offerings. There have been some really exciting success stories for writers who’ve taken this certificate, and the faculty rivals any other MFA or MA in the land.

Now they’ve got their rural Ontario mayhem and poor people writing spot shored up with this guy, so spread the word and I’ll see some of you folks in May. Cheers, all.

Polar Verlag to publish German translation of IN THE CAGE

I’ve known about this a little while, but since my publisher has been handling contractual duties, I waited to announce this until I knew for sure it was a done deal. In any case, I’ve been contacted to work through another translation of IN THE CAGE, so I figure it’s safe to tell you that the rights to that novel have been bought by German publisher, Polar Verlag. Though they’re a newer press, they have a mandate to put out uncompromising, gritty books by authors that German readers might not be aware of. And, with the likes of David Joy and Ken Bruen under their roof, amongst others, I think that we’ll be a great fit.

The novel’s German language rights were acquired by Wolfgang Franßen, founder of this exciting new independent press. Though I’m not sure when the pub date is for sure, I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve got more info. I was lucky enough to get to France last year with the Dans La Cage, translated and published by Editions Albin Michel, and hopefully there’ll be a chance to get to Frankfurt in 2020, where Canada is the country they’re focusing on, as it was at Festival America.

Not bad for a Canadian book put out by an indie press, about rural mayhem and MMA and poverty and some feelings and such. So, I hope that I can keep on expanding into other markets with the next novel as well. In the meantime, I better keep writing that fucking new novel, I guess…

Take care. KH