The Journey Prize Stories 24 is released today – ‘To Have To Wait’ is one of those stories

The 24th edition of The Journey Prize Stories will be released today, and includes my story ‘To Have To Wait,’ which was originally published back in January by The Malahat Review.

All of the thirteen stories in the anthology are in contention for The Journey Prize, a $10,000 award meant to identify the very best emerging writers in Canada. The prize is made possible by James A. Michener’s generous donation of all Canadian royalties from his novel Journey. On Wednesday morning The Writers’ Trust of Canada will be announcing the finalists for the prize, and the eventual winner will be announced on November 7th.

Along with the stories, you will also find a very interesting introduction by the jury with some insight into the selection process, and some kind words about each story that was chosen. Also, some of the authors in the anthology show up in a questionnaire at the end, sharing their ideas on how not to entirely eat shit as an emerging writer. There is some pretty good stuff in there.

You can buy this sucker online through Amazon, Indigo, or directly from McClelland & Stewart, who graciously runs the competition and publishes the anthology. There are some fine stories amongst those pages, by some very good up and coming writers. But I hear that this particular collection of tales gets especially awesome from page eighteen to page thirty-six…

Thanks go out to the The Malahat Review for giving ‘To Have to Wait’ a shot (John Barton, Julie Paul, Rhonda Batchelor, Susan Sanford Blades, etc.), and to Anita Chong and the rest of the staff at McClelland & Stewart, as well as the jury who chose the stories in the anthology: Michael Christie, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, and Kathleen Winter. Special thanks to all the folks I’ve met along the way who have read, edited, or otherwise supported my work, namely Leah Chamberlain, Lindsay Clarke, A.F. Moritz, and Cort McMeel.

I’m in the final stages of revision on my second novel, which I hope to have out to my agent, Meghan Macdonald, by early October. Win or lose, it is a big deal to be included in The Journey Prize Stories anthology, and perhaps it will help get one of these novels sold. No matter what happens, I will keep putting in work, and you’ll probably see a bunch more of it out there over the next couple of years.

Keep your ears to the ground. I’ll post more as it comes…

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