Manuscript Assessment Service – New Open Spots

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As you might have noticed, there is a tab on this site regarding manuscript assessments, a service that I have been providing to other writers on and off for a the past couple of years. As of late, I have been occupied by work on my upcoming collection of stories, as well as some forthcoming projects, and have not been accepting many new clients for a little while.

In any case, with the galleys for Debris done, and other obligations well in hand, I’ve opened up a few spots for possible manuscript assessment clients. While my primary area of expertise is literary fiction, I have experience with speculative fiction, and other genre work, and I am happy to field queries from any interested writer to see if I might be of help to your current project.

I have an excellent track record of success with clients, both independently and through the Humber School of Writers Agency (this service soon to be under the new Humber School of Writers Publishing Services Program), and my writing credentials are posted on this site for you to peruse. If you would like to contact me, feel free to email directly to, or use the contact form in the manuscript assessment section.

More information about this service can be found under that tab, as well as the general range of standard industry rates. For an actual estimate, we can discuss your work in greater detail and determine any specific rates from there.

I am excited to be providing this service with greater frequency, now that I have the time, and look forward to hearing about your current manuscript, and how I might help you develop it further.

All best,

Kevin Hardcastle

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