Storybrain with Alix Hawley, The Recommend at 49th Shelf, New Story to be Published in This Magazine. Other stuff.


Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple things show up online that might be of interest, or might not and you can just shake your head at them. Either way, I’ll post them below and you can take a gander if you choose.

I did a little seven question interview thing with Alix Hawley, author of All True Not a Lie In It, which recently won the Amazon First Novel Award. She sent me some questions about my story Most of the houses had lost their lights, published right at this second by The New Quarterly and soon to be on shelves or in the hands of subscribers. I answer Alix’s questions about the writing process, and see whether I should ever try to write a female protagonist ever again. The segment is called Storybrain and can all be read here on her blog by clicking this line.

Next, I was asked to participate in The Recommend at 49th Shelf, and, as I’ve done before, I recommend The Lost Salt Gift of Blood by Alistair MacLeod. It’s no secret that MacLeod is my favourite writer that we ever had in this country, and that I particularly admire his short stories. Click here and check that out, as well as recommendations by fellow writers Chelsea Rooney, Daniel Allen Cox, Chadwick Ginther, and Teri Vlassopoulos, 

The last little things are both series that The New Quarterly runs with the contributors of upcoming issues of the journal. I show where I write when I’m indoors and underground in my basement palace (pictured above this post in part), for the Writing Spaces feature. Finally, for the Who’s Reading What feature, I tell people that I’m reading books by Andrew Forbes and Sarah Gerard. So you can read that and then buy those books and read and cherish them…

Oh yeah, I also got some good news that the last straggler story of mine from Debriscalled The Rope, will be published in the September issue of This Magazine. I owe their fiction and poetry editor (and general hero) Dani Couture for reading that and finding room for it, especially so close to the book’s pub date.

That is all of it. I’ll post again when the TNQ story is officially out in the world for everyone to attain. Cheers.


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