DEBRIS is in stores, available for order

Bibliostore Debris

While the official launch date is September 15th, Biblioasis had not penguinhouse-embargoed my collection o’ stories, and I know from people who’ve achieved it that you can order the book online, directly from them, right now.

You can also go to various bookstores and buy it. In Toronto, it has already shown up at Book City, and I imagine it will be available at Type Books and various Indigos around town. People out in Vancouver and Edmonton and the like will surely start seeing it arrive soon. Let me know if you find it around.

Debris Book City Staff Picks

A bunch of people have told me that they prefer to buy books at the launch, where I can sign profanities to them, and that is entirely possible at the Montreal, Toronto, and Windsor launch events for Biblioasis‘ fall list. Those are on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of September, and you can check out event details and RSVP by clicking this line and going to the facebook posting. As always, jerks who lie about their attendance will be retrieved from home by a bunch of Midland hosers and will eventually ride to this wearing their pajamas in the back of a pickup truck…

I’ll have more information on October readings in Hamilton, Kingston, Waterloo, London, etc. And they will all be updated on my events/readings link, right here. I’ll add all of that in as soon as it’s confirmed.

Until then, buy all of the copies of this book and tell people to buy it. I need peanut butter and bread money and I would also like people all over the land to read stories where snowmobile crime is a life option.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the book already. I also have some interviews and media coming down the pipe, and will post them as they show up.



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