In the Cage shows up on the Toronto Star Must-Read list, some new reviews, more…

In this past Saturday’s Toronto Star, my new novel, In the Cage, got a mention as one of the must-read titles for the fall of 2017. Thanks to the magical Deb Dundas. Here’s the link to that full article.

There were some other writers on there that I admire, like Naben Ruthnum, author of Curry, Dina Del Bucchia, with her new book Don’t Tell Me What To Do, and a fellow that I’ve mentioned in recent interviews as an influence on my work from the earliest beginnings, Stephen King. So that was alright. There are many other formidable writers on that list, so you should check them all out.

Otherwise, I’ve also got this nice review from fellow Journey Prize finalist, and Guelph-based ginger, Andrew Hood. The author of such books as The Cloaca and Pardon Our Monsters. Hood has posted his review on The Bookshelf, and you can find it there…

Thanks to Andrew for the words. They are on point, and I really appreciated his reading of the novel.

To that end, you can go on places like Goodreads and weigh-in with your thoughts on In the Cage, and post magical five or one star reviews. Hopefully with some kind of hilarious dismissal or endorsement of this thing.  I expect it to be equal parts liked and loathed, and that’s a good thing, given what goes on in the novel. So, please share your take on it if you are inclined.

More to come soon. Tomorrow is the big day. Though I have seen that people have got the book already, after ordering online or heading to certain booksellers. Thanks to those folks, and I apologize somewhat for the ruination of your feelings and your week.


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