Some French reviews of Dans la Cage

I’ve been catching up on some of these after a busy labour day weekend, but there are a few good reviews of Dans la Cage, just published, as I mentioned in the last post, by the mighty Editions Albin Michel. There are also some bad reader reviews I’ve seen on social media, but I am not posting all of those too because this is my crappy wordpress and I do whatever I want on it and everything will be fine…

The first one, and the one that I’ve found from a regular publication, is from Page des libraries, “a literary magazine created by Sidney Habib in the late 1980s to deal with the advent of cultural superstores… distributed free of charge in participating bookstores and sold by subscription.” (from wiki). In that one, according to google translate, they said the following:

“Blood and blows: this first black, bitter and sometimes sensual novel by Canadian Kevin Hardcastle offers us two magnificent portraits: one of a man who knows he is lost but continues to fight until the end; the other of his wife who tries to save him. Magistral.”

Read the full review here, and my thanks to Madeline Roth of Librarie L’Eau vive, Avignon for the kinds words.

Here you can find another review on the blog of Les Miss Choclatine Bouquinent, and this reader managed to see through the blood and guts to get to the story of the family at the heart of the novel, and talks about the writing itself, which I like. Check it out.

And, here’s another from Le nuit je mens, which I first saw from an Instagram post by the author, who goes by @FlyingElectra/theflyingelectra on social media. These all seems to be blogs by avid readers and often published French authors, but they’re all quite impressive and well curated, as opposed to this piece of shit I’ve made. Take a gander here…

There’s a few more if you look for the book or my name on social media, but these were some of the most thorough and positive. Hopefully there’ll be some more to come, and I’ll be able to talk to some of these keen French readers at Festival America in a few weeks. It’s hard to guess at how the novel will do from over here, but Albin Michel clearly has a magical reputation and they’re doing a great job of getting the word out.

More to come soon. Take care, all.

3 thoughts on “Some French reviews of Dans la Cage

  1. Thanks ! I had no idea you had a blog and that you posted my review on it – I’m actually translating it for another website I work for (who has over 5,000 readers from all over the world) so I hope it will bring more light to your book.
    I will be there at the Festival America, and really looking forward to meeting you. I was there a couple of years ago and it’s a great Festival, friendly, pleasant and the debates/meetings are really good (and of course the food and the wine). I’ll be coming with my best friend who happens to be a French Canadian, she’s flying from Quebec 😉

    • No problem. Thank you for reading the book and putting up such a thoughtful review. And for translating it for the other site. It’s my first novel in translation, and anything that gets it out there to readers is greatly appreciated.

      Looking forward to the festival as well. I’m on some very good panels, and I’m sure the conversation will be lively. I think there will be a lot of interesting things said during those events. Cheers.

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