Im Käfig published in Germany

As it is now July somehow, and up in Toronto we’ve gone straight from winter to summer with about four minutes of spring, it kind of snuck up on me that the German translation of In the Cage, published as Im Käfig by Polar Verlag, is actually out and on shelves in Hamburg and elsewhere.

You can find it on their website by clicking here, and, if you want to grab a copy from somewhere there are fine German booksellers that can help you out with that online. I’ve not got my hands on it yet, but am looking forward to seeing the first hardcover I’ve ever had published. So it goes in Germany. Pretty alright.

Big thanks go to editor Wolfgang Franßen, and translator Harriet Fricke, who I’ve likely mentioned on here before. And to all of the staff that worked on the translation and publication of the novel. I think I may well be their only Canadian author, and I’m in there with the likes of David Joy, William Boyle, and Attica Locke, to name a few. Not too bad at all.

Keep an eye out for more news, and if I can get over to Germany at some point, I’ll let everyone know. In the meantime, take care and believe in your dreams…


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