“Ten Thousand Dollars Worth of Writing” Interview With Linda Rogers – For The Malahat Review

Upon learning that To Have To Wait had been chosen for the Journey Prize Stories 24, The Malahat Review (who published this story back in January) asked me to answer some interview questions for them. They set me up with Linda Rogers, an acclaimed poet and member of Malahat’s advisory board, who sent me some excellent questions to reply to by rant and rave. So I did.

The interview is now up on Malahat’s website, and you can find it by clicking the hell out of this whole line that you just read.

It is a fairly lengthy conversation. But I think Linda asked some very fine questions and that those questions deserved real answers. So I tried my best to give some. Regardless, give it a read and see what you think.

Soon I’ll have some other news related to novel completion and wearing a tie to see if I can drum up a career, and I’ll keep you posted on that. But for now you should check out the interview. Thanks to Linda Rogers and The Malahat Review for all of the support. I won’t forget it:


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