National Post – Afterward – Conversation With Journey Prize Finalists Kevin Hardcastle & Alex Pugsley

Here is the link to a joint interview that me and fellow Journey Prize finalist Alex Pugsley did a couple of weeks back. The conversation was with Armina Ligaya for the National Post.

“We’ve already crossed the finish line a couple times” – National Post/Arts/Afterword

I am not sure what happened to my head right before the photo here, but there it is. Armina had a bit of a tall order in this interview, as it was supposed to be about Toronto-centric writing stuff, and the scene in and around Parkdale. Of course, most of my writing involves hillbilly violence and I’ve not written anything about Parkdale yet, and I also know exactly zero other writers in this town. Either way, I haven’t done a writing related interview since I was about ten years old, so it was an interesting experience, and I want to thank Armina for her time, and also Becky Toyne for setting it all up.

There will be another article in the National Post this week with me and Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize/Governor General’s Award finalist Tamas Dobozy. I’ll post that as soon as it shows up.

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