The Writers’ Trust Conversations: Kevin Hardcastle and Tamas Dobozy

Here’s another piece from The National Post that came out today. I’m not sure if it is in the print edition of the paper, but you can read it here anyway:

The Writers’ Trust Conversations: Kevin Hardcastle and Tamas Dobozy

Big thanks to Becky Toyne for setting this one up as well, and to Elizabeth Cameron for coordinating the whole thing. Of course, there was a much larger conversation around the published Q & A, and it was an honour for an up and comer like me to have a chance to speak to a short story master like Tamas Dobozy, who is up for the Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize this evening. I am very grateful to him for taking the time to read my rants, and for ranting back some.

Hopefully you enjoy this little bit of press leading up to actual handing out of the Journey Prize this evening. On that note, I am off to get mildly fancified and probably drink a beer or six to simmer down. Win or lose I got a huge leg up from having To have to wait chosen for The Journey Prize Stories, and especially from being named as a finalist. Good luck to all of the nominees, for all of the Writers’ Trust awards. Whatever happens, it’s out of my hands now and I’ll be hitting the open bar hard either way, so there’s that…

See you on the other side. Thanks for all the support. KH.

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