“We Gotta Save The Leg” published in Little Fiction

We Gotta Save The Leg - Cover

Today a story I wrote called “We gotta save the leg” was published by Little Fiction. You can read the story online here, or download it to your mobile phone, tablet, e-reader, or Commodore 64. For free. Like all of my stories about upper middle class city strife, this work is not at all based on anything that ever actually happened. There is no possible way that I was nearly murdered by a rattlesnake before it got lit up with a boulder. You sure can’t prove it anyway…

Thanks the most to Troy Palmer, founder and publisher of Little Fictionfor all of his hard work on getting this sucker to press. And thanks to any other readers and editors on his team that had a hand in this. It is the first story I’ve had out since “To Have to Wait” and, based on science, it has 100% more chance of winning something like The Journey Prize (because I lost, and I am unfortunately not a looper).

For real though, I am proud to have this story in print (or e-print) and I hope some folks get a chance to read it and that some of them like the thing. I am also proud to see it beside the likes of Andrew Sullivan, Esq., and his story. Hell, it was his month on Little Fiction that I partially hijacked, so thanks for sharing some of your considerable thunder Sullivan. Everybody read Andrew’s story now. Here.

Keep your head on a swivel for my next story, “Bandits,” to be published soon by The PuritanI have at least five or six other stories under submission all over Canada and the U.S., and will be writing many more over the summer, so perhaps this is the start of a hilarious year in writing and moderate poverty. If all goes well, I might be able to move up a notch to mild poverty. If so, I will try to have a wider rotation of pants.

As always, thanks to all that read my work, and to those who will read these new stories over the next little while. I’ll see if I can’t land a few more of them this year.



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