Emerging Writers Reading Series – March 11th – Hardcastle reads

EW ReadingThis week I’ll be doing a reading for the first time since I got kicked out of my writing MA at Cardiff due to poverty, as part of a hilarious evening for the Emerging Writers Reading Series.  This month’s reading is called Meat Locker March, and also includes Seamus Ogden, Christine Ottoni, and Dave Proctor, who is a special guest and Meat Locker Editions author. This is an anniversary show for the EW Reading Series, and there will likely be much drinking and ballyhoo.

This excellent series is masterminded by Jess Taylor, who does a hell of a lot of work to put this event on every month and give emerging writers a chance to put their stuff out there in front of proper audience. Most of whom are a shit-ton better at reading than I.

So, come by and watch me read a chunk of story where an old man shoots the hell out of a bunch of burglars and then has his hillbilly clan-folk terrorize the local RCMP constable tasked with putting the old man away. That’ll likely be what you hear, unless I flip out and change it up at last minute.

Here is the Facebook link to the event. It’ll be at Duffy’s on the westside of Toronto, near Dufferin and Bloor, starting at 8pm. It is all pay what you can, and you should scrape together some scratch for Ms. Taylor and her assisting people so that this series can keep on happening.

Hope to see a bunch of your ugly mugs there. At the very least it is a prime opportunity to heckle me offstage and/or throw clods of dirt in my direction. Leave the other readers alone though. They deserve your attention and respect, and some free beers.

Thanks. KH.

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