Short Story News – Forthcoming work in Shenandoah, Best Canadian Stories

First off, I’d like to thank the folks that came out to the EW Reading Series the other week, and especially Jess Taylor, who runs the whole deal and got me up there. I read the middle part of the story Old Man Marchuk, which appears in the current issue of EVENT. All in all it seemed to go swimmingly. Below is a picture that I stole from the EW facebook page.

Hardcastle reading from Old Man Marchuk (EVENT), at the EW Reading Series

Hardcastle reading from Old Man Marchuk (EVENT), at the EW Reading Series


Best Canadian StoriesThat same story still has some legs apparently. As I recently had John Metcalf call me up and let me know that he wanted to include Old Man Marchuk in the Best Canadian Stories anthology that he curates for Oberon PressMetcalf is a renowned writer, critic, and fiction editor (currently at Biblioasis), and he collects these stories by reading every single issue of every literary journal published in Canada in a given year. I am honoured to have that story chosen and will pass more info along when I get some. As far as I know Best Canadian Stories is published at year’s end. Writers who have appeared in BCS include Alice Munro, Leon Rooke, Rohinton Mistry, Timothy Taylor, Lisa Moore, Patrick Lane, Zsuzsi Gartner, Marjorie Celona, Zoey Leigh Peterson, Lynn Coady, and the notorious Amy Jones.


ShenandoahLast week I also got word that a new story I wrote, called Debris, has been accepted for publication in Shenandoah, a leading US literary journal out of Washington & Lee University. I have been trying to crack the US journal scene for a long while, with just a few online publications so far. This story was almost picked up a couple of times with some very kind commentary on how it narrowly missed. Nonetheless, the good folks at Shenandoah, and especially their editor Rod Smith, read and accepted this story quickly and I’m told it should be set for October, in their fall issue. Landing this one made me pretty damn happy. Perhaps I’ll be able to find a few more journals south of the 49th that are willing to print some of my newer stuff.

That is the most of it for now. I am working on other secret moves that I can’t talk about, but I’ll say something to that end if or when I can. In the meantime, thanks for reading and for keeping the dream alive.


2 thoughts on “Short Story News – Forthcoming work in Shenandoah, Best Canadian Stories

  1. Kevin,
    Ian Barber here. I don’t know if we ever really met during high school. Anyway, I’m sure you know Suzie and that you are friends with Darren. Just wanted to say that I found your fiction about a month ago and went on to read everything I could find. I love it. I started with the oldest stories and ended with Marchuk. I’ve re-read Marchuk 3 times now, I think. Congrats on all your publications. It’s astounding to see the improvements over time. The new stories are pitch-perfect. The mood, the tone, I don’t know what it is, but they read so well and so smooth. They are fully formed. I’m taking a cw course now at carleton. I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve got that bug back again, and I’ve been using your stories for help. Keep up the great work. I’ll keep reading the stories as they are published.

  2. Hi Ian. Thanks for reading my work, and for your comments on it. Don’t think we ever met really in the old days, but I’m glad you dig the stories and appreciate the support. Parker did mention something about it the other day when we were talking. I had another couple stories out in PRISM international and The New Quarterly around the same time as Marchuk, but there are more on the way if you didn’t find those. I also have a new story coming out in TNQ’s summer issue, due out in a little while. Might also have some bigger news coming down the pipe, but it’ll be posted on here as soon as I get it sewed up. In the meantime, thanks again and good luck with the course.

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