On Endurance: 49th Shelf Booklist by Hardcastle


Hi. I did a list of books recently for 49th Shelf, thanks to excellent person Kerry Clare. I was asked to try and identify a theme, or elements that these great Canadian books might share to some extent with my debut short story collection, Debris, out now from Biblioasis. I chose to talk about books that are concerned with endurance, and survival, and the things we carry.

They aren’t necessarily all up the same alley, but I’ve listed collections and novels that I got something out of, that seemed true to me, and that have taught me something in the reading. As I’ve already heard from some people, many of these books have done the same to a number of readers.

So yes, click here and see what I’ve done. I think it turned out alright, and I hope that you read all of these books and continue going back to 49th Shelf for such things, and that you buy my book and read it until the pages disintegrate. Please?

Thank you.


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