DEBRIS – Official Wide Release – September 29th, 2015

Debris Cover

As of September 29th, 2015, my short story collection Debris, published by Biblioasis, is officially on wide release in Canada.

We launched the hell out of the book a few weeks ago, thanks to all the fine people who came out to the Biblioasis fall list launches in Montreal, Windsor, and especially Toronto. It has also been in stores a little while, and I know some folks have been buying it up in various places. That does me a lot of good to hear.

If you’d like to buy a copy of Debris directly from Biblioasis, you can go ahead and click this whole line and you will get to where you need to go. I know that some US friends have been asking, and, while February 9th is the proper US release date, they can order it early if they go direct.

Otherwise, the book has been spotted in stores all over Canada, and I appreciate everyone who posted on the internet about it as they bought the book or just looked at it or did those things and also stuck it in with Twilight…

Debris vs Twilight

I’m going on a little mini-tour, starting mid-October, with stops in Guelph, Hamilton, London, Kingston, and Ottawa. That can all be found in my events page on this site, along with upcoming Toronto readings and whatnot. Go to any or all of these if you like. There will almost always be other writers reading at them if you don’t like the cut of my jib.

Thanks again for all the support over the past while. I will report anything new as it shows up. More to come…



One thought on “DEBRIS – Official Wide Release – September 29th, 2015

  1. Yeah! The collected Kevin Hardcastle. I’ve read just about all his stories in various Lit Mags , and have been a fan of KH for years, and now there is a book with a few new ones.
    Hope he comes to Vancouver soon on tour. But don’t get excited, Kevin. I’m a seventy-one year old “Granny Groupie.”
    Great to see a collection of short stories which are mostly all pre-published in magazines. QED: a variety of editors and readers like the stories, an honestly good book.

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