Hardcastle Mini-Tour Dates – Guelph, Hamilton, London, Kingston, Ottawa

Hardcastle reading magic

Starting today, in Guelph, I’ll be going on a little mini-tour with Jess Taylor (author of Pauls, BookThug) and Andrew Battershill (author of Pillow, with Coach House Books). Me and Jess are going to be reading tonight, and then the three of us will be at all of the other towns together. Here is what they all are, and you can click on whichever line for event information:

If any of that interests anybody, or if you know anybody in those towns who like readings and books about hillbilly violence and mayhem, Pauls, Pillows, and some feelings, please spread the word if you could. It would be much appreciated by all us writers and our publishers.

I’ll also be doing a reading in Toronto, at the Pivot Reading Series, on October 21st, with George Murray & Meira Cook. That should be a good one, and I hope to see the regular weirdos and hopefully some irregular weirdos there as well.

Any other reading/events that I’m at will get posted soon as I can. Otherwise, as always, thanks for listening to my ravings and reading my work.



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