Open Book Residency – DEBRIS Reviews

Open Book & Quill and Quire

(UPDATED: with Quill and Quire Review, now online)

Hi. How are you?

I’ve got a few things to talk about in this post, some of it is catch-up from what has been happening over the last month or so with my new book, Debris. The first is that this thing finally started getting some reviews, and, most of those reviews have been pretty strong. Below you can find the links to all of those…

(NEW) Quill and Quire – Debris Review – By Robert J. Wiersema

The Globe and Mail – New Fiction Review – Debris – By Steven W. Beattie

National Post – Jacked up myths for working stiffs – Review by Alix Hawley

The Winnipeg Review – Debris Review – By Andrew Woodrow-Butcher

PRISM international – Debris Review – Adrick Brock

There is also a great review in the November issue of Quill & Quire for anybody who subscribes or has picked up that issue. It isn’t online yet, but I’ll post the link when it is. Debris was reviewed in those pages by Robert J. Weirsema. (Now exists online, as mentioned above)

Thanks to everybody who had a hand in these: the reviewers, senior/books editors, and the publicists and staff at Biblioasis who told people about this book, and did their damnedest to make sure it didn’t get buried in the middle of “prize season.”

The next bit of news is that I’m the Writer-in-Residence for Open Book Toronto, for the month of November. This is all thanks to Grace O’Connell and Holly Kent, and they are champions. I’ll be posting about a number of things on there. Please check it out.

I’ve got two posts up already. The one is an introductory interview from Grace, and that went up about a week ago. The Lucky Seven Interview. Click anywhere here to read that.

The other one is my first actual post as WIR, where I go on about a number of things regarding how I got to where I am, and what still matters to me in writing, why I think good writers need to keep driving forward. Click this bit for that first post.

That’ll do it for now. If anything cool happens in life I’ll let you know. Oh yeah, and for those of you who might be interesting in attending the Wild Writers Festival in Waterloo (November 6th to 8th), I will be there as part of a panel called Fiction: Pushing Boundaries. With Rhonda Douglas, Russell Smith, and Kathleen Winter, and moderated by K.D. Miller. That one takes place on the Saturday at 1:30pm. Please come by and watch me yammer on. Should be good times.

Cheers. Hardcastle

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