On Calling Your Shot: An Interview with Kevin Hardcastle in Echolocation


If you take a look at Echolocation‘s site this month, you’ll see an interview between me and everything-award winning poet Michael Prior, who made the hilarious error of buying me beer and hitting record while I ranted at him and answered very few of his questions right (fixed in post).

It’s titled: On Calling Your Shot, and in it we talk about many, many things, including: my real life writing influences and background, what is interesting about the lesser known towns between the city and nowheresville, horror fiction and films that inspire me, writing tricks that I don’t give a shit about, my awesome book I wrote when I was 10 (CAMP FEAR), and my reading some of it with Caitlin from Degrassi. And so on…

Echolocation is the literary journal run by graduate students in the University of Toronto English Department, many of whom are part of the MA in Creative Writing, and many of whom are pretty goddamn good at it. As a U of T graduate (undergrad, as I would not have been smart enough for the MA), I am happy to get this in there, and see how things have been going since I fled the country for more book learnin’.

Read the whole thing by clicking this line, and listen to nothing that is said about my “huggability” or the opportunity for a “hug.” You will be straightarmed just like Prior.

Open Book WIR

I have also been posting more stuff as Writer-In-Residence for Open Book Toronto, so you can check out my profile and take a gander if you like. The direct links to the most recent of them are listed below:

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– At the end of the Debris tour – Notes on my first rodeo

– On Writing Violence

– Hello Open Book readers… (first official post, about all kinds) 

The Lucky Seven Interview – with Grace O’Connell (introductory post before my term as WIR)

More to come soon. Talk to you later.


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