DEBRIS allegedly one of the year’s best / Wild Writers Festival

Quill and Quire - Best Of - DEBRIS

Hey now.

I’ve been slow to report a few things on this site, mainly as I’ve been at people everyday on the social media and they may want to punch me. Either way, here are a few things of note…

An issue after my book got a starred review in Quill and Quire, by Robert J. Wiersema, there is another surprise bit of magic in this current “Best of the year” issue of Quill and Quire. The cover of the book, created by Kate Hargreaves, was called one of the best of the year by fellow book designer Michel Vrana. Since the first time I saw the mockups, I knew that was the best thing that I could’ve ever hoped for as far as covers go. All thanks possible to Kate for that one, and congratulations on being recognized for the Debris cover, and for her work on Arms by A.J. Somerset, and Arvida by Samuel Archibald, both listed as two of the best covers of the year by CBC books.

The writing that is between those covers was said to be some of the best of the year also, along with other Biblioasis authors that I’ve been lucky enough to share a list with. That was the work of Steven W. Beattie, who previously gave a very good review of Debris in The Globe and Mail. In talking about this Best Of Quartet for the Quill, Beattie says:

“Toronto writer Hardcastle’s debut was not shortlisted for any awards…”

That is very accurate (other than perhaps the entire Toronto part). But there is also some non-prize good things he said and you can find them out by getting the latest Quill and Quire. I appreciate…

Wild Writers Panel Edit 2

Elsewise, I was invited to be on a panel at the Wild Writers Festival (easily the most significant WWF), by Pamela Mulloy and the incredible humans at The New Quarterly. Three of the stories in my book were originally published in TNQ, and they will always be champions to me. In any case, the panel was about Pushing Boundaries, and I certainly pushed the boundaries as to whether I should be allowed on a panel.

WWF KevFace

That is a face I made up there while answering a question (though I think the answer was just). Taken by the writer Sarah Henstra, as was the picture above that. No matter. It was a good time all weekend and heartening to see so many rooms full and books sold out and meals of just meat and bread prepared for a weirdo from Midland. It was my first go at any kind of real festival or panel, and, when I got over the nerves, it was fine. Thanks to everyone who organized and participated in and sat in the audience at the Wild Writers Festival. I hope to come back someday and make an even more hilarious face to a whole other set of people…

That’s the best I got at the moment. But I do have more for you, and it will show up later. Until then, goodnight. See you around. KH

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