In the Cage on The Next Chapter

A little while back I recorded an interview for CBC’s The Next Chapter with pegacorn-like book champion Shelagh Rogers. I’ve done a little bit of radio before, on the Richard Crouse Show on Newstalk 1010 & iHeart Radio, though this one was the deep dive into book stuff and, mainly, the guts of my new novel, In the Cage, and what it took to write the story, and where it all comes from.

Despite all of that, and trying not to sound like a total hoser while yammering on, Shelagh was great and really loved the book (she even mentioned in on a FB video from CBC Books a few months ago, with Candy Palmater). She asked some excellent, well thought-out questions, and got some good answers out of me.

The segment played on actual radio back on October 30th and again on November 4th, but it is all archived here, on the CBC website, and you can listen to it anytime on there, or through their audio player. Also on the show were Alison Pick and Lorna Crozier, and you can find their segments there in the links as well.

Thanks the most to Shelagh, Barb Carey, and Dean, who recorded the show. I am grateful to have made it on the show, and to have my ramblings distilled into such a concise representation of the novel and what it’s all about. You are the best.

Also, big thanks to CBC Books for sharing the interview on social media and everywhere else. I very much appreciate all of those posts.

More to come as I collect my thoughts and get a chance to post between events and such…


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