More good reviews of IN THE CAGE

There have been some new reviews of my novel, In the Cage, that have recently appeared in the papers and on the internet and such. I’ve been touring around and doing readings, so I’ve not be posting as much as I’d like. But, regardless, here’s some more good ink for this book I wrote…

Somehow I missed this piece in the National Post by Robert J. Wiersema, who previously gave Debris one of its best reviews a couple years back, in Quill & Quire. In any case, you can find the full review of In the Cage by clicking this line. Wiersema says of the work:

Through Hardcastle’s style – sentences plain and broken, glinting with moments of beauty even in the depths of violence and pain – we become part of Daniel’s world, part of the very structure he fights against, inside the cage and out.”

There was also a very good review in the Winnipeg Free Press by Rory Runnells, who says, among other things: “Hardcastle shows a mastery of form and storytelling worthy of the attention he has received.”

You can click on this line to read the rest of the review. Thanks to Mr. Runnells and to the WFP for this one.

The screencap at the top of this post is from a  tweet about the novel review by Sally Cooper in the recent issue of Hamilton Review of Books. Check the rest of that one out by clicking here.

Also, there were some very nice blog reviews of the book. The first was by Anne Logan, and you can take a look at it on her blog I’ve Read This. I met Anne at Calgary Wordfest and she is #1. She also keeps tweeting photos of my book with her cat, so that is alright.

There was another on Consumed by Ink, the excellent book blog by Naomi MacKinnon. Here, In the Cage was called “far from heartwarming,” and that is very accurate. You can find the full review by clicking on here.

Last but not least, Steven Buechler has recently reviewed both of my books on his blog, The Library of Pacific Tranquility, and you can find the In the Cage review here. He really gets into the writing voice and sentences, which is something I always appreciate.

For his Debris review, click here. THANKS, STEVEN. And everyone who has taken the time to read these things I wrote, and write some stuff about whether that experience sucked or did not at all.

That’s all I got today. I’ll be posting again soon, now that I’m back in one place for the most part. Thanks, all.


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