Im Kafig on the German TV, and more…

Im Kafig, known to most as In the Cage, just showed up on German TV in a hilariously magical turn of events. I didn’t know what the link was I saw at first from Polar Verlag, but the very kind Jürgen Ruckh, managing director of that publishing house, shared with me a link to the actual video of the novel getting some coverage and AN UNSOLVED MYSTERIES STYLE RE-ENACTMENT/ENACTMENT (latter for legal reasons) on their Kulturzeit, an arts and culture show on German channel 3sat.

I may or may not have just put the video up on here too, but we’ll see when I hit print. The link is in the paragraph before, if this don’t work.

I also saw another print review of Im Kafig in German paper, Der Tagesspiegel, and it is good from what I can read in the translation. You can find that one by clicking anywhere on this paragraph.

“Canadian writer Kevin Hardcastle spent four years working on his debut novel. His sentences are artfully laconic, if it did not sound so cliché, one could speak of a hard punch . The killer Tarbell, who works with a sawed-off shotgun, is reminiscent of the crazy staff of Donald Ray Pollock’s Southern Noir novels. One can dodge blows, not shots.”

– Christian Schröder – Der Tagesspiegel

Thanks to the fine folks of Kulturezeit and Der Tagesspiegel for covering the novel, and, as always, to Polar Verlag for taking a chance on this book. Much appreciation and respect to you all.


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