Resources for aspiring writers, as referenced during my TPL residency

Above: The first story I ever had in print, shown during my TPL short story program.

I have been meaning to get this information up for a little while, following some of my programs at the Toronto Public Library, and my meetings with aspiring or emerging authors about their writing. In any case, this post is just a short list of the resources I shared during the programs, and meetings, for members of the public who might not have been able to gather them all up during my events.

You can find a sample cover letter below…

Here are some links that list publishers, agents, and literary journals that accept submissions from authors:

National Magazine Awards Canada – List of Literary Journals

Association of Canadian Publishers – Publisher Search

The Writers’ Union of Canada – List of Literary Agents

Finally, here are some pages from the document I’ve been using with lists of resources you can dig into (the most of which was drawn up by my friend and fellow author/instructor, Amy Jones, and that I added some to later – THANKS, JOJO). That’s about all for now, so I hope these are useful. Thanks, all. KH

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