Take my Intro Novel Writing course this Winter

For those of you who might be interested in writing the start of a novel, or who might know somebody looking to stir one up, I’ll be teaching a section of the Writing the Novel: Introduction course at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies yet again, with this one starting on February 22nd, 2021. Here’s the description from their site:

If you want to write a novel but have no idea how to begin, this course will help you get going. You’ll review literary technique with respect to the novel, and spend lots of time writing – and reading – to help you discover your own style. We’ll cover basic skills, tips and techniques to improve and polish your writing. By the end of the course, you will have written and edited the opening of your novel.

You can find the link to the course by clicking this line, and also check out more information about other offerings at the school, and how they’ll improve your writing and get you where you need to get. I usually would be scheduled to teach the advanced section of Short Story II as well, but it seems to be on the shelf for now. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

There will be weekly modules to keep authors on track as they work toward the beginnings of their novel, along with weekly webinars where I’ll share my thoughts and best practices and other useful tidbits. I’ll also be teaching Brother by David Chariandy, and Son of a Trickster, by Eden Robinson. These are two of the best writers out there and their books are magical.

While we’re holed up and trying to stay busy, it has helped me tremendously to finish the draft of my latest novel, County Road Six, and I think that dusting off your pens and keyboards is a fine way to do something meaningful, and safe (unless you are one of the characters in my stories). So, give this a whirl and feel free to share away if you like. I appreciate it.

Take care,

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