Toutes les chances qu’on se donne (All the chances we take)

Today I’ve been sent the cover for the Editions Albin Michel’s translation of DEBRIS, now titled “Toutes les chances qu’on se donne” or All the chances we take. This is the second book I’ve had published there, with IN THE CAGE released a couple years ago, and they really are a juggernaut in the French publishing world. I’ve been very impressed with their production and attention to detail, and I think this cover is a great example of how deeply they get what I’m going for in my work.

This book of short stories, like the novel, will be published under their Terres D’Amērique banner, where they translate the work of so many excellent North American authors like Colson Whitehead, Craig Davidson, Claire Vaye Watkins, Christian Kiefer, and Guy Vanderhaeghe. Good company to be in, and a list that shows the quality of the work they publish (and this dingbat someway).

The pub date is May, as far as I know, but I’ll share full details when I have them. In the meantime, stare at this lonely little house on a hill and ponder your deepest feelings and emotions over a case of Michelob Ultras. I know that I will…


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